Doc > Editor > Network Panel

Doc > Editor > Network Panel

The Network Panel is where you can view and connect all the nodes you want in your scene.

Polygonjs Network Panel

We'll document what you can do here more in depth in the future, but in the mean time, here are the key shortcuts:

  • tab: open the nodes list, from which you can select and create nodes.
  • Ctrl+c / ctrl+v: copy and paste nodes
  • Ctrl+x / ctrl+v: cut and paste nodes
  • Ctrl+b: view panel in full screen
  • u: go 1 level up
  • i: go 1 level down inside the selected node

and use the mouse to pan/zoom/select:

  • left button click on a node: select the node
  • left button drag: select multiple nodes
  • left button + ctrl, and drag: pan
  • middle button and drag: pan
  • middle click on a node: open a popup previewing the node content
  • mouse wheel: zoom in/out
  • right click on a node: open a node context menu

tip: When creating a node, if you hover your mouse over an existing node connection and then click to create the node, it will connect right away.