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Doc > Getting Started > Install

In order to install Polygonjs, you need to have Nodejs installed on your computer. If you are a seasoned web developer or designer, you have probably heard about it. Or if you are unsure if you already have it or not, let's simply run the following command in a shell:

npx polygonjs-editor

You should see the following in your shell:

Editor shell output

If this is what you are seeing, you're all good, and you can head over to the next section: Creating your first scene >>.

If you are seeing an error, you'll need to install nodejs.

Installing Nodejs

While you can see an installer on Nodejs's official website, we recommend using NVM to install it, as this will help you manage multiple versions of Nodejs easily.

So head over to NVM and follow the instructions that are specific to your OS (windows, mac or linux).

Once you've done that, let's check that nodejs is correctly installed, but running the following

node --version

and you should see something like:


If you got that working, you can now try and run Polygonjs again:

npx polygonjs-editor

And it should now start Polygonjs. If that works, let's head to the next section: Creating your first scene.


Why is Nodejs required?

The goal of Polygonjs is to create a WebGL scene that you can export to any site you want. This means that you may need to integrate it into your own build system. Or you may want to use Polygonjs API to create custom interactions, or even to create plugins. For that reason, Polygonjs is open source, and published as an npm module.

And since it is an npm module, it requires Nodejs to be installed and run.

This method ultimately is the one that will give you the most flexibility.

Is there a simpler way to install Polygonjs?

Not yet, but I'm currently considering it. If you'd like to suggest me another install method, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Is this doc helpful/not helpful? Is there any information you would like that is not available? Don't hesitate to get in touch with any question or feedback, either by email, on Discord or the forum.