Doc > Getting Started > The Web Version

Doc > Getting Started > The Web Version

There are 2 ways you can use Polygonjs: Using the web version, or using a local version.

They are 99% identical, the main differences are how you can import assets and export your scene. You can read a summary of the differences, but since the web version is easier to get started with (since there's nothing to install!), let's go through this first.

If you have not yet created an account, you can checkout the demo.

Web Version Demo

Online Demo

This shows an example scene inside the editor.

You can add/create/delete/update nodes as you wish, and see how that modifies the scene.

As it may be tricky to immediately understand what each node does, some comments have been added next to some of them to give you clarity.

Demo With Comments

And if you'd like more info about a node, you can click on the help link in the parameter panel. This will open the documentation page for that specific node.

Params Panel Help

You can also export the scene, and run it anywhere. We'll get back to exporting scenes later as well, as there are multiple ways to do so, depending on your requirements.

Downdown menu Export

And if this demo hopefully got you interested enough to create an account, you can head to your Dashboard ->.