Doc > Nodes > EVENT > CameraOrbitControls

Doc > Nodes > EVENT > CameraOrbitControls

Creates a THREE OrbitControls


This can be linked to a camera's controls parameter


Name Type Description
enabled boolean enable/disable
allowPan boolean toggle on to allow pan
allowRotate boolean toggle on to allow rotate
allowZoom boolean toggle on to allow zoom
tdamping boolean toggle on to have damping
damping float damping value
screenSpacePanning boolean toggle on to have the pan in screen space
rotateSpeed float rotation speed
minDistance float smallest distance the camera can go to the target
maxDistance float max distance the camera can go away the target
limitAzimuthAngle boolean toggle on to limit the azimuth (up-down) angle
azimuthAngleRange vector2 azimuth angle range
polarAngleRange vector2 polar (left-right) angle range
target vector3 target position. This is updated automatically as the camera is controlled by user events
enableKeys boolean toggle on to enable keys
keysMode integer key modes (pan or rotate)
keysPanSpeed float keys pan speed
keysRotateSpeedVertical float keys rotate speed vertical
keysRotateSpeedHorizontal float keys rotate speed horizontal
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