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Doc > Nodes > EVENT > PlayerControls

Creates a Player object


This allows you to move an object with WASD and arrow keys, and have this object collide with the environment


Name Type Description
playerObject node_path player object
colliderObject node_path collider object
camera node_path The camera is used in those controls so that the forward direction is away from the camera. This essentially positions the camera always behind the player object, with a third person view.
initPlayer button create controls
capsuleRadius float collision Capsule Radius
capsuleHeight float collision Capsule Height
physicsSteps integer physics Steps
gravity vector3 gravity
speed float travel speed
jumpAllowed boolean jump Allowed
jumpStrength float jump Force
runAllowed boolean run Allowed
runSpeedMult float jump Force
updateCollider button recompute colliding geo
startPosition vector3 start Position
reset button reset
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