Doc > Nodes > OBJ > ContactShadow

Doc > Nodes > OBJ > ContactShadow

Creates smooth shadows


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Name Type Description
dist float distance from the ground up to which shadows are visible
planeSize vector2 size of the plane on which shadows are rendered
shadowRes vector2 shadow resolution
blur float blur amount
tblur2 boolean toggle on to add a secondary blur, which may be useful to get rid of artefacts
blur2 float secondary blur amount
darkness float shadow darkness
opacity float shadow opacity
showHelper boolean show helper
updateMode integer set update mode, which can be to update on every frame, or manually only
update button click to update shadow, when mode is manual
keepPosWhenParenting boolean toggle on to keep world position when adding a parent or removing from one
rotationOrder integer rotation order
t vector3 translate
r vector3 rotation
s vector3 scale
scale float scale
matrixAutoUpdate boolean set for the matrix to be updated every frame