Doc > Nodes > OBJ > OrthographicCamera

Doc > Nodes > OBJ > OrthographicCamera

Creates an orthographic camera.


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Name Type Description
keepPosWhenParenting boolean toggle on to keep world position when adding a parent or removing from one
rotationOrder integer rotation order
t vector3 translate
r vector3 rotation
s vector3 scale
scale float scale
matrixAutoUpdate boolean set for the matrix to be updated every frame
controls node_path controls node to allow the camera to be moved by user input
updateFromControlsMode integer define when the camera node transform parameters are updated after the controls have moved the internal camera object
near float near
far float far
display boolean display
showHelper boolean show helper
size float size
frameMode integer fov adjust mode
expectedAspectRatio float expected aspect ratio
setScene boolean toggle on to override rendered scene
scene node_path override rendered scene
setRenderer boolean toggle on to override the renderer
renderer node_path override renderer used
setCSSRenderer boolean toggle on to add a CSSRenderer to have html elements on top of the 3D objects
CSSRenderer node_path add a css renderer