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Doc > Nodes > OBJ > Scene

Creates a THREE.Scene.


By default, all objects created will be added under the same master scene. This is enough in most cases, but there might be times where you want to use a custom one. For instance:

  • you would like to change the background color or the environment.
  • you would like to have a fog.
  • You may also use multiple scenes, if you want to switch from one to the other.

For those situtation, you can parent the objects under a scene node, and set your camera scene parameter to point to it. The camera will then render this scene instead of the master one.


Name Type Description
autoUpdate boolean autoUpdate
backgroundMode integer set background mode (none, color or texture). Note that in order to have a transparent background, you also need to set the renderer's alpha to true. In order to do so, you may need to create a rop/WebGLRenderer node, set it alpha parameter, and assign the node to your camera.
bgColor color background color
bgTexture node_path background texture
useEnvironment boolean toggle on to use an environment map
environment node_path environment map
useFog boolean toggle on to use fog
fogType integer fog type
fogColor color fog color
fogNear float fog near
fogFar float fog far
fogDensity float fog density
useOverrideMaterial boolean toggle on to override all materials
overrideMaterial node_path material