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Doc > Nodes > ROP > WebGLRenderer

Creates a WebGLRenderer


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Name Type Description
tprecision boolean toggle on to set the precision
precision integer set the precision
tpowerPreference boolean toggle on to set the power preferenc
powerPreference integer set the precision
alpha boolean toggle on to have alpha on (change requires page reload)
premultipliedAlpha boolean premultipliedAlpha
antialias boolean toggle on to have antialias on (change requires page reload)
stencil boolean stencil
depth boolean depth
logarithmicDepthBuffer boolean logarithmicDepthBuffer
toneMapping integer tone mapping
toneMappingExposure float tone mapping exposure
outputEncoding integer output encoding
physicallyCorrectLights boolean physically correct lights
sortObjects boolean sort objects, which can be necessary when rendering transparent objects
tpixelRatio boolean toggle to override the default pixel ratio, which is 1 for mobile devices, and Math.max(2, window.devicePixelRatio) for other devices
pixelRatio integer higher pixelRatio improves render sharpness but reduces performance
tshadowMap boolean toggle on to have shadow maps
shadowMapAutoUpdate boolean toggle on to recompute the shadow maps on every frame. If all objects are static, you may want to turn this off
shadowMapNeedsUpdate boolean toggle on to trigger shadows update
shadowMapType integer shadows type