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Doc > Nodes > SOP > Material

Applies a material to objects


This can assign the material to the top level objects, but also to their children.

This node can also be used to process input materials, without assigning a new one. This can be useful when processing a geometry imported from a File SOP. You may want to swap textures, in which case you could swap the emission texture to the color one. This would allow you to use a mesh basic material, which would be faster to render.


Name Type Description
group string group to assign the material to
assignMat boolean toggle on to assign the new material
material node_path the material node
applyToChildren boolean toggle on to also assign the material to children
cloneMat boolean Cloning the material would prevent the material node to have any effect on the processed geometries. But it would allow to have multiple materials, if this was used with a Copy SOP for instance
shareCustomUniforms boolean while cloning the material, you may only want to change basic properties (such as depthWrite or transparent), but you would want to still use the same custom uniforms created by GL/param nodes
swapCurrentTex boolean swap one texture with another
texSrc0 string texture to swap
texDest0 string texture to swap


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