Doc > Nodes > SOP > OceanPlane

Doc > Nodes > SOP > OceanPlane

Creates a plane with a distorted reflection, to simulate an ocean surface


Without any input, this node creates a very large plane. If you would like the ocean to be restricted to a smaller area, such as a disk, you can plug in an input geometry. Just make sure that this geometry should be facing the z axis, as it will currently be rotated internally to face the y axis. Note that this behavior may change in the future to be made more intuitive.


Name Type Description
direction vector3 reflection direction
sunDirection vector3 sun direction
sunColor color sun color
waterColor color water color
reflectionColor color reflection color
reflectionFresnel float reflection fresnel
wavesHeight float waves Height
distortionScale float distortion scale
timeScale float distortion speed
size float size
renderReflection boolean render reflection
normalBias float normal Bias - adjusts this if the reflections are too grainy
multisamples integer multisamples
useFog boolean reacts to fog
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