Doc > Web or Local Version

Doc > Web or Local Version

Since Polygonjs can be used both in the Web App and Local App, it may be tricky to know which one is best for you.

In short:

  • if you want to try it out quickly -> use the Web App.
  • if you want to do proper work, save your files locally, import assets, create your own nodes, use the API, use git to version your scene files -> use the Local App.

Here is also a list of the different features they offer:

Web App Local App
Access to all nodes
Import Assets:
Import models & textures via http:// or https://
Import models & textures from your local drive
Where your scenes are stored:
Scenes are stored on
Scenes are stored on your local drive
Share your scenes:
Share via
Share via git/github
Publish on your website
Customize & Extend Polygonjs:
Import plugins
Create custom nodes
Add custom code to the editor
Javascript tree shaking
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