Doc > Changelog > 1.1.202

Doc > Changelog > 1.1.202


  • add internal API method node.firstAncestorWithContext


The editor just got a lot more flexible.

Navigation Bar

A first thing you may notice is that the viewer got larger. The reason is that the navigation bar that was at the top has moved. It is now inside some panels, such as the network, params and spreadsheet. This gives more space for the viewer.

This change is both welcome and necessary, since now panels can be linked and unlinked. Read on to get a better idea of what this will allow you to do.

Linked/Unlinked Panels

Previously, if you had 2 network editor, they were always showing the content of the same node. You could pan in order to look at different nodes under the same parent, but you could not have one network go into /geo1, and another go into /MAT.

The limitations were similar with params panel, where even though you could have 2 open, they would both show the parameters of the same node.

Those limitations are now gone.

You can now:

  • open 2 (or more!) network panels, and navigate into different nodes for each.
  • open 2 (or also more!) params panels, and have them show the parameters of different nodes.

In order to link panels together, all you have to do is select a number from the dropdown on the right of the navigation bar. The panels that share the same number will be linked together:

This should really, really speed up your workflow. And since you can create up to 8 different groups of panels, if you have 2 screens, you can really use all that screen real estate you have.

Layout Top Menu

And since this change was implemented, it made it really easy to offer a quick way to change the layout of all your panels.

You should now see a new top menu 'Layout', which will allow you to quickly switch betwen different layouts.

And of course, you can still save your current layout, with both the web version and local version. In the future, you may also be able to create and save multiple ones.

Floating Params Panel

If those changes were not enough, you can also open a floating param pane. So if you just want a quick access to a node, without setting up a specific layout, this is also possible.

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