Doc > Changelog > 1.1.204

Doc > Changelog > 1.1.204


  • fix a bug were renaming a node could create an infinite loop.
  • COP/WebCam: cancels webcam request when disposed
  • SOP/Metaball: fix bug where input point positions would not line up with generated metaballs. improve default param values.
  • SOP/Noise: improve performances
  • SOP/Transform: add preset to translate the input to y=0
  • SOP/Clip: invert distance param to give more intuitive result


Bug fixes

  • more robust undo/redo system
  • fix regression where params modals would pick up node from the selection instead of clicked node

Navigation improvements

Scenes can get complex easily, so it is paramount that you are able to navigate within your scenes very quickly. To that end, the navigation bar has got a series of improvements:

  • Each node in the path has dropdowns to access sibling nodes.
  • The backward and forward buttons have dropdowns to access the nodes you've visited.
  • Your navigation history is now saved in your scene, and is better shared between the panels and the navigation bar.

And here is also a quick way to go into a material node builder:

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