Doc > Changelog > 1.1.213

Doc > Changelog > 1.1.213


post process nodes

  • add POST/updateScene: This node can be very useful to modify a scene before applying a post effect. This has been developed in the context of creating a selective bloom, similar to this threejs example.
  • POST/layer: add layer modes (add, subtract, multiply, min, max, over)

geometry nodes

  • add SOP/attribSetAtIndex which is a simplified but more performant alternative to SOP/attribCreate.
  • SOP/postProcessNetwork has a new param to specify the type (UnsignedByte, HalfFloat or Float) of the renderTarget, which is useful when doing post process from sRGB renders without loss of quality.
  • SOP/file: fix bug where autoMatrixUpdate was set to false before updating the matrix, resulting in incorrectly transformed objects.
  • SOP/merge: fix bug where matrixAutoUpdate should only be set when compact is true

event nodes

  • EVENT/scene: ensure tick event is not sent if tick param is off


Object nodes

  • cameras have a default near of 0.1, when it previously was 1.

GL nodes

  • Add GL node: multScalar, which is a faster way to multiply a vector by a scalar, than having to convert the scalar to a vector first, or than to use a gl/mult node with the right input order.
  • GL/multAdd only accepts float and vector attributes, not boolean anymore.


  • ch expression is not limited to a string as a path argument, but can also be an expression itself.


  • performance improvement of node inputs evaluation.


  • add shift/R shortcut in the network panel to re-order the inputs of a node. This is useful for nodes with multiple inputs, such as sop/merge, most gl nodes, some post nodes, and many others.
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