Doc > Changelog > 1.1.216

Doc > Changelog > 1.1.216


Audio nodes

  • audio/file: add callbacks when calling .play() to track potential raised error
  • audio/file: improve buffer current time display and buttons to play/pause and move forward/backward

COP nodes

GL nodes

SOP nodes

  • sop/circle: add center param
  • sop/transformReset: add operation
  • sop/reflector and sop/oceanPlane: fix bug where an object not centered on the origin would have incorrect reflections
  • sop/particlesSystemGpu: fix bug where texture allocation was not properly done.
  • sop/particlesSystemGpu: fix bug where the shader was not always refreshed when adding/removing/updating param, texture, ramp and attribute nodes. This also applies to material builders and cop/builder.
  • sop/particlesSystemGpu: fix bug where the particle material would not correctly read an attribute that was used in the particle sim, even if not updated by it.
  • sop/color: fix bug where it would silently error if requested attribute was not found.


  • distance and depth custom shaders work for mesh, points and line, allowing shadows from spotlights, pointlights and directionalLights for material builders


  • ch: make 2nd argument optional. So only ch(<path to copy node>) is necessary
  • strSub: first argument is converted to a string if it is another type


  • add .onBeforeDeleted to node lifecycle hooks
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