Doc > Changelog > 1.1.218

Doc > Changelog > 1.1.218


  • add sop level lights: sop/areaLight, sop/ambientLight, sop/directionalLight, sop/hemisphereLight, sop/pointLight, sop/spotLight. The goal is to provide a set up similar to Houdini's solaris, which allows:

    • to move and lights proceduraly, using the copy sop for instance
    • to easily switch and try out different light rigs
    • to easily import light rigs from another scene
  • obj/blend: set frustumCulled depending on updateOnRender param.

  • sop/attribCopy: fix bug where it was not possible to copy from P to instancePosition

  • fix bug in rampParam where removing a point could generate an inconsistent ramp

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