Doc > Changelog > 1.1.221

Doc > Changelog > 1.1.221

General changes

  • add sop/materialProperties.
  • upgrade threejs to 134.
  • fix bug where param referenced by a ParamPath param like in event/setParam would be lost when a material would delete/recreate its spare parameters
  • fix bug where root node could not be linked by the ch expression.
  • RampParam: fix bug where copying value from JSON was incorrect when points count differed.
  • sop/reflector and sop/oceanPlane: ensure transform reset functions as expected. update CoreTransform.rotateObject to multiply matrix directly
  • fix typo in node type and parameter names "substract" -> "subtract"


  • material builders maps are now consistent with their non builder equivalent.
  • improve performance of time uniform update, which is what drive the time in material builders, cop/builder and particles.
  • improve shadows for builder materials, where position and alpha changes are correctly transferred.

GLSL nodes

  • fix gl node bug where 2 attribute node reading the same attribute would conflict.
  • fix bug in sop/particles where 1 attribute node at top level and 1 node in a subnet would not resolve if they had the same name.
  • fix bug where a gl/attribute inside a subnet inside sop/particlesSystemGpu would not resolve correctly.
  • change varying and uniforms created by gl attribute/param/ramp/texture nodes to allow them to work whether they are at the top level or in a subnet.
  • gl nodes: overall improvement of subnet, forloops and ifThen, affecting materials, particles and texture builder.
  • add gl/SDFGradient, which will be the basis for raytraced materials, inspired by the ones found on shadertoy.


  • obj/spotLight and sop/spotLight: improve look of volumetric.
  • all lights: helpers are visible by default.
  • spotlight and directionallight can update their shadow resolution without reload.

Audio nodes

  • audio/fft: allow to display analysis as octaves.
  • audio/userMedia: update param names to reflect underlying api.
  • cop/audioAnalyser: texture is now floatType.
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