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Doc > Changelog > 1.1.243


This version introduces 2 important node types: actor nodes and Poly Nodes.

  • actor nodes give a way to add behaviors to objects, and have them react to state. This is loosely inspired by unreal blueprint.
  • Poly Nodes, unlike actor nodes, are not a new node context, but add a specific nodes to every context. They allow you to create your own nodes from other existing nodes.

Actor Nodes

Here is a list of the first new nodes in the actor context:

And they can be created from an actorsNetwork (which can be created in any context), or from a sop/actor.

Poly Nodes

Some documentation is coming soon regarding how to create Poly Nodes. But they are in essence a way to create your own tools, which can be re-used from scene to scene, and shared easily with other people. Just like a Polygonjs scene, a Poly node is saved into a json file.

This is loosely inspired by the OTLs or HDA of Houdini.

If you want to give it a go before any proper documentation is ready, you can create a sop/subnet, and when you right click on it, in the context menu, you will see an option 'Create Poly Node', which will allow you to convert this subnet into a poly node.

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