Doc > Changelog > 1.1.263

Doc > Changelog > 1.1.263

Editor Changes:

Local & Remote Assets

When using the local app, if your scene is referring external assets (using http:// or https:// instead of assets from the public folder), a panel will show up to give you a quick summary of those assets. You will also be able to quickly download those assets locally.

Scene Tree

The sceneTree panel has received the following improvements:

  • It allows temporary toggle of the matrixAutoUpdate property
  • The object type has been added.

Save Options

And the save options panel shows a new createZip option, which defines if the exported files are compressed into a single zip file. This can be handy to upload to websites like fxhash.

Node Context Menu

The Force Recook entry in the node context menu now also makes the node params dirty.

New Nodes

Several new actor nodes:

  • actor/cache: very useful to cache a value that you may need to compute only once per frame, as opposed to once for every object.

And the following ones implement methods from the Vector classes:

And some new geometry nodes:

Bug Fixes

  • fix bug where changing a post process network would not update the viewer.
  • fix bug where animating the rotation property via the anim nodes would not work.
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