Doc > Changelog > 1.2.30

Doc > Changelog > 1.2.30


  • add physics attributes: density, friction, canSleep
  • add physics shapes: cone, cylinder, convex hull, trimesh

Editor Update

For free accounts, the editor would previously forbid the creation of more than 100 nodes in a scene. But as the marketplace is about to be released, creating scenes with many nodes is becoming very easy. Especially as some poly nodes from the marketplace could easily have more than 100 nodes just by themselves.

With that in mind, it is now possible to create and save scenes with unlimited nodes.

Scenes with more than 100 nodes still have limitations: it will not be possible to export them, nor load them using the api.

This should now allow you to experiment as much as you want, and build scenes as sophisticated as you need, on the free plan.

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