Doc > Changelog > 1.2.39

Doc > Changelog > 1.2.39

New Nodes

Here are 4 new SDF primitives:

3 new particles nodes, which help create flocking behaviors:

And several physics actor nodes, which allow control of physic objects behavior:


The gl/SDFRepeat is now able to repeat only within a given range.

The sop/Plane and sop/Hexagons are better scaled when given an input geometry.

Bug Fixes

  • fix bug in raymarching shaders a variable was redeclared in a for loop, leading to a compilation error in some cases
  • fix bug in actor nodes, where an object attribute that would be output by a node could be modified by another downstream node.

Editor Changes

The "Save Options" panel has been renamed to "Preferences", since its usage is more general than just options regarding the saving process.

The "Publish to integrations" option has been reworked. First, it is renamed to "Run Post Create Command", and it is now controllable from the EditorConfig.ts file. This allows you to setup a command that is run after your scene has been exported. This is for instance very useful to upload your export to a place you decide.

The example command inside EditorConfig.ts uses the aws cli to upload your export to Amazon S3. This then allows you to import the scene from any site or site builder like Webflow, Bubble or Squarespace.

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