Doc > Changelog > 1.2.6

Doc > Changelog > 1.2.6

New: Raymarching Material

A new material has been added, the mat/raymarchingBuilder, which allows to use SDF (signed distance functions) to create complex shapes that can be raymarched, opening the door to more elaborate shaders.

New nodes

And there are also a few additional SDF nodes, that can be used inside this material:


  • sop/text: errors when parsing a font are now displayed by the node, instead of being silent errors.
  • sop/fileSVG: add isCCW and noHoles options to add flexibility when parsing SVG files.
  • event/raycast: fix gpu mode cursor position and fetch material when needed
  • sop/objectsLayout: add row, rowWidthInner and rowWidthOuter attributes
  • sop/copy: better use of default value in copy expression
  • sop/sort: add random sorting mode

A new attribute type has been added. For now, it was possible to create vertex/point attributes, and also object attributes. Now, it is also possible to add a CoreGroup attribute. This attribute type has been added to the nodes sop/attribCreate, sop/attribDelete and sop/attribPromote.

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