Doc > Changelog > 1.4.13

Doc > Changelog > 1.4.13

Introducing Keyframe editor

This version introduces a new feature: animations via keyframes.

Those can be created via the node js/keyframes, which will store the animations.

And since everything in Polygonjs is procedural, animations will be equally procedural. This means that, unlike in most other 3D apps, animations are not created for a specific object. They are created in a parameter, which can then be linked to any other parameter.

In addition to that, keyframes are not only used for animations. They can be used for modelling, via the sop/objectBuilder and sop/pointBuilder nodes. This helps remapping any input attribute to another data. You could for instance take the position and remap that to the color, with any custom curve you like. And that's where the combinations are infinite.

New Nodes


Bug Fixes

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