Doc > Changelog > 1.4.24

Doc > Changelog > 1.4.24

Bug Fix

In 1.4.23, installing the dependencies of a polygonjs project with npm i would hang. Even though installing with yarn would work just fine.

The hanging did not occur for 1.4.21 and before. A potential reason was therefore upgrading three-bvh-csg to 0.0.7 in this commit.

In order to further diagnostic the cause, I've run npm i --verbose --loglevel silly and the log showed an infinite loop where package versions would not be resolved. This seems to be a flaw as installing using yarn runs just fine. Since three-bvh-csg was one of the handful of packages mentioned in this infinite loop,

I've downgraded it in this commit and after publishing a new version of polygonjs 1.4.24, the issue appears resolved.

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