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Doc > Changelog > 1.4.8

New node context

A new node context is added: the js nodes.

They are similar to the gl nodes which allow the creation of GLSL functions used for shaders, particles and custom textures. But instead they are used to create javascript functions.

Those are currently used in 2 nodes:

  • sop/SDFBuilder (see below)
  • sop/actor: This node, which is used to add behaviors to objects, using states & events (see tutorials) was previously using nodes from a specific context, the actor nodes. This actor context has been retired, and they all have been migrated to the new js context. The new version of those nodes is now much more performant and can be used on thousands of objects at the same time.

This new context also opens the doors to new nodes that are in preparation, which will allow the creation of custom geometry or object operations.

New nodes

Breaking changes

As explained above, even though most actor nodes have been migrated one by one to the new js context, and a lot of effort was focused on making them backward compatible, this wasn't completely possible and there are some breaking changes.

To counter this, the editor detects when an old scene is open and the json file that makes up a scene is updated. This should migrate most of the scene data, but there may be edge cases that are not fully fixed automatically. If you do find that some of your scenes cannot be migrated easily, you may either decide to migrate them by hand. Alternatively, you can also send us the scenes to the discord forum or (by email if you are a pro user), and we'll do our best to migrate your scenes.

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