Doc > Changelog > 1.2.13

Doc > Changelog > 1.2.13

New Nodes:

New Expression:

Engine improvements

  • fps controls: add HTML element to lock the controls
  • mat/raymarching:

    • add side parameter
    • add directional and hemisphere light
  • node parameters and param parameters (parameters referencing a node or a parameter, such as found in the sop/material or event/raycast) can now use expressions. This is particularly useful when inside a polyNode.

Editor improvements


The creation and update of polyNodes has been improved:

  • Poly nodes have a locked/unlocked state which allows you to have some in your scene that are locked (synchronised with the definition on disk) or unlocked (which can be edited).
  • It is now possible to add default values, range and callbacks to the various parameters that can be added to a PolyNode.
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