Doc > Changelog > 1.2.15

Doc > Changelog > 1.2.15

New Nodes

ACTOR nodes

COP nodes

  • cop/SDFFromObject: creates an SDF (signed distance function) 3D texture from any geometry, which can then be used in the mat/raymarchingBuilder material.
  • cop/SDFExporter: Since the creation of SDF can often take more than 1 second, this node allows to save those to disk for faster loading.
  • cop/SDFFromUrl: Loads an SDF 3D texture which has been created and exported by the 2 nodes above.

GL nodes

  • gl/SDFTransform: helps control more easily the position and rotation of SDF primitives.

MAT nodes

POST nodes

Engine improvements

  • bounding box display: when middle clicking on a node, you can display general information about the content processed by it. With sop nodes, you can see bounding box information, giving you a quick idea on how small or large the geometry is. That information used to work only if the content was a flat hierarchy (objects containing geometries, but without any children). It now works also when those objects have children.
  • sop/transform and sop/copy: add objectTransformSpace parameter, which helps define how the object will be transformed. This can be set to either local or parent.
  • cop/builder: add uv output in the globals node.
  • sop/perspectiveCamera and sop/orthographicCamera: use camera.updateWorldMatrix to ensure they can function as expected in post/render

Bug fixes

  • polynode UI's data wasn't properly saved when those are unlocked. This is now fixed.
  • fix bug in obj/scene when changing the parameter autoUpdate would fail.
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