Doc > Changelog > 1.3.7

Doc > Changelog > 1.3.7

New Nodes

General Improvements

  • cop/video: allow import from multiple urls or from an existing html element
  • sop/particlesSystemGPU: refactor to allow cloning. It was previously not possible to plug the particles node into a merge node. This therefore makes it easier to add the particles to other scene elements.
  • actor nodes like actor/setObjectAttribute have now 2 outputs, 1 for the trigger and 1 for the current object, so that they can be chained. This can be useful when not using the current object.

Physics Improvements

Bug fixes

  • ensure an errored CSG node correctly propagates error to parent node to prevent staling downstream nodes

Breaking Changes

  • the instance attribute instanceOrientation, used by the sop/instance, has been renamed to instanceQuaternion. This should only impact scenes using it directly in shaders via a gl/attribute node.
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